Thursday, March 9th, 2023

  • Check-in between 5:30pm-6:15pm
  • Movie screening at 6:15pm
  • Panel discussion and Q&A to follow up after the movie ends and will last until 8:30pm
  • Light refreshments will be provided


Glenwood Arts  – 3707 W 95th St, Overland Park, KS 66206

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Fairness & Belonging: Discussing the State of the American Immigration System.”

World Premiere Viewing of “Alien” Followed by Panel Discussion and Community Q&A 

Join us for the world premiere of the documentary “Alien,” featuring our very own Sunayana Dumala, Executive Director of Forever Welcome Foundation, followed by a panel discussion and community Q&A session. The evening’s purpose is to reflect upon the current state of the U.S. immigration system and, as a community, to engage in necessary healthy dialogue around one of the most critical and challenging issues facing us. The Immigration and Nationality Act enacted in 1965 was the last time the U.S. passed significant immigration reform. The landmark change paved the way for today’s immigration system, providing an opportunity for every immigrant to fulfill their American Dream. Though this act and its subsequent derivatives opened the doors to people of all countries, did this decades-old immigration reform truly succeed in creating America a safe, equitable, and welcoming haven for all immigrants?


The U.S. media’s focus on illegal and undocumented immigrants means that many Americans know little about legal high-skilled immigrants and their inhumane battles. ALIEN seeks to spark and contribute to public discourse on this overlooked issue and contribute to meaningful policy reform.

It is no secret that America needs comprehensive immigration reform. Missing from many public debates is how highly skilled workers who are often exploited and demeaned fit into comprehensive immigration reform. Through the national release of ALIEN, we will change that. 

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About The Director

Vidyut Latay is an award-winning documentary filmmaker originally from India living in the United States. Her debut groundbreaking film, “BEYOND SILENCE” screened twice on PBS and is one of the first documentary films about deaf people in India that celebrates deafness and deaf culture and does not highlight deafness as a disability

“High-skilled immigrants from India are silent victims of the broken immigration system”

Vidyut Latay

Producer / DIrector


Mary Sanchez

FACILITATOR| Senior Reporter, Kansas City PBS

Mary Sanchez is the senior reporter for Kansas City – PBS.She is also a nationally syndicated columnist with Tribune Content Agency. She has also been a metro columnist for The Kansas City Star and a member of the Star’s editorial board, in addition to her years porting on race, class, criminal justice, and educational issues. She’s also a mentor with Report for America, pairing with early career journalists as they enter the profession. Sanchez is a native of Kansas City.

Sunayana Dumala

Founder of Forever Welcome

Sunayana Dumala founded the Forever Welcome Foundation after the tragic murder of her husband in a hate crime. She hopes to build inclusive communities built on understanding, kindness, and empathy.  Please check our about section to learn more

Vidyut Latay

Producer & Director of Alien

Vidyut Latay is the director and producer of the documentary Alien

Rekha Sharma-Crawford

Immigration Attorney, Sharma-Crawford Attorneys at Law

Rekha Sharma-Crawford is a nationally recognized, award-winning attorney and an advocate for immigrant families and children. She represents clients across the United States but calls Kansas City home. She has also authored the book  “Alaliyah the Brave”- which reflects on the heart pain and influx of emotions a child goes through because of immigration enforcement and the tools needed to help them process the aftermath.  More information about her practice can be found at


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