Embracing Positivity and Solidarity with the SpreadAAPILove Campaign

New research from Stop AAPI Hate reveals that AAPIs are primarily driven by positive
aspirations, actions, and emotions rather than negative experiences with hate.

The #SpreadAAPILove campaign by Stop AAPI Hate is a poignant initiative urging AA/PI communities to share narratives of resilience, celebration, resistance, and solidarity. Through compelling storytelling, the campaign sheds light on individuals who have triumphed over challenges to spread love, kindness, and compassion.

Watch video  here:

As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May, the Forever Welcome Foundation is profoundly honored to have our Founder, Sunayana Dumala, feature in this impactful campaign. Our foundations mission, centered on fostering inclusive and welcoming communities through awareness, advocacy, and action, resonates deeply with the campaigns message of hope and optimism.

Let us unite in our commitment to replacing hate with love and celebrating our diversity and  richness, building a more inclusive world together. 

Join the Forever Welcome Foundation in turning awareness into meaningful action. We actively support and amplify vital narratives through initiatives within workplaces and communities. Explore opportunities to collaborate with us and create a lasting impact. Visit SpreadLove to find out more

Together, lets spread love, kindness, and solidarity as we honor the stories of resilience within the AAPI community and beyond.


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